Fax Services

Fax comes from the term telefax, which a transmission of images and text to a telephone number connected to a printer or computer for output. This gives you the opportunity to send over all forms of personal and legal documents for signatures or other forms of identification.

This allows a quicker, reliable service than taking the risk of mailing across the country. With our fax services, we’ll be sure that your documents get sent as quickly as possible to the destination they need to reach. Our copy shop also offer a copies service to get your documents copied to however many you may need.

Documents this important deserve the attention that they’re being given as well as the protection they deserve when faxing them out. We also provide office equipment, allowing you to buy your own printer and printing all your papers at the comfort of your home without any problems. For information on all of our helpful services, contact One Stop Office Solutions in Whittier, CA today!